Microgaming Poker Network (MPN)

The MPN is an online poker network consisting of nearly 30 different poker rooms, most of which share the same tables and tournaments. We don’t sign up players ourselves – our customers are poker rooms, who deal with the players. We started out life as Prima Poker, and we have a long history in the industry, going back as far as March 2003. That makes us one of the longest-standing online poker businesses in the world. Our highlights so far include:
  • Running the game-changing Monte Carlo Millions in 2004
  • Hosting some of the highest-stakes games online, with the world’s largest online pot (at the time) won on the MPN in 2006
  • Completely redesigning our software in 2007, with unique features like the ‘rabbit cam’
  • Helping disaster relief efforts in Haiti in 2010, with special online charity tournaments
  • Launching our Anonymous Tables in 2010
  • Being one of the first poker networks in the world to launch mobile poker software, in January 2011
  • Establishing the Network Management Board in 2011
  • The launch of our unique True Value system in 2012, which (among other things) rewards poker rooms for marketing to new players
  • Launching our series of live events, the MPN Poker Tour, in 2014
  • We’re based on the Isle of Man (a beautiful country at the centre of the British Isles), but people in many different countries work on or with our poker software. Above, you can see the group of software developers, graphics designers, project managers, business analysts and testers that work in our poker development team.
Throughout our history, we’ve won several awards, including EGR’s coveted ‘Poker Network of the Year’ twice (most recently in 2014) and ‘Poker Software of the Year’ in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.
The MPN is not an autocracy – our poker rooms have a major say in what happens and when, through the Network Management Board (NMB). Any operator can qualify for the NMB, and any operator can submit proposals to the NMB whether they qualify or not. When outside expertise is required, we invite guests and consultants to our NMB meetings, which are held three times a year.
The MPN is powered by Microgaming, one of the world’s largest eGaming companies.
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Thursday, July 12, 2018