Next Level Poker

Next Level Poker is a new approach to promoting poker tournaments. We believe that better tournaments, more players, more venues, and bigger sponsors, are necessary for the growth of tournament poker and we believe this market is largely untapped. Getting sponsors together with venues and players helps everyone work together to put on better events for less money.
Our events include seminars from world class pros, final and featured tables broadcast live on twitch and you tube, fully produced videos available for venues to use as promotional tools, and a host of sponsors to fit any venue.
The company was founded in Las Vegas by CEO Chris “Fox” Wallace. Chris is a world champion, poker pro, and coach. He has also worked with poker tours in the past including a stint as the official ambassador for the Mid-States Poker Tour, and as a team pro for the iNinja poker tour.
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Posted on Date:
Thursday, July 12, 2018