Scrumpy is a free online planning poker application for distributed agile teams with Jira/Confluence integration. It runs on mobile, tablet and desktop computers connecting multiple participants in a real-time story estimation session. Absolutely no installation and no registration is needed!
Planning and refinement sessions must be fun, keep everyone involved and provoke collaboration during the estimation. The Scrumpy Planning Poker online application  is a great tool for your productive planning meetings!
History of recent refinements
The history for the recent refinements and the anonmous unique votes are preserved and also synchronnized with Atlassian Confluence through the creation of a summary page for each refinement.
Perfectly integrated
Integrated with the most commonly used systems to make the refinement collaboration easy so that the team can focus on the essential estimation of tasks. Integrations include Jira, Confluence, Stride and Slack.


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Posted on Date:
Thursday, July 12, 2018